Getting In & Getting Ready: A Webinar for Class of 2020 MBAs

 Webinar Overview

For applicants and admitted students headed to graduate business school next fall, the team at RelishCareers presents a series of exclusive conversations with MBA Admissions Consultants, Career Coaches, and other b-school experts about how best to build a target list, optimize your applications, select the best-fit school after admissions decisions, and prepare yourself for two intense years of business school.

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Question One - 1:19

For people in the application process that are still researching schools and applying, how can they be sure that their target list contains the right set of schools? What are some of the important criteria that might get overlooked by some applicants when thinking about where to apply?

Question Two - 14:42

What can applicants do to improve their prospects and prepare themselves while waiting on admissions decisions?

Question Three - 22:48

How should applicants decide between schools to which they have been accepted? How should students balance factors like ranking versus cost?

Question Four - 36:50

What are some best practices you would recommend for candidates on waitlist? Any advice for students who were offered admission at one or more schools but waitlisted at a more desirable program?

Question Five - 52:54

Once an applicant has decided on a school, what can they do to prepare themselves during the months leading up to the start of their first year? Advice for incoming MBAs to make the most of their business school experience? 

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The above panel webinar was compiled from a series of interviews with seven leading MBA admissions experts. Check out those interviews below.

Jeremy Shinewald
Founder and President, mbaMission