Our Strategic Partners

Relish works with a number of outstanding companies and organizations that provide services to graduate students and alumni.

Financing & Loans

Prodigy Finance

International Student Loans

Prodigy Finance is revolutionising the way borrowers and investors see student loans through our borderless credit model. Over the past decade we’ve helped thousands of international students gain access to postgraduate education through our loans.

We assess students on their future earning potential, not just their credit history, and we’re backed by a community of investors looking to have a social impact that also offers a financial return.

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Common Bond

US Student Loans

Student loans are for fulfilling your dreams, not emptying your bank account. We’re lowering the cost of school and simplifying the process in the meantime—no more stressful applications or being treated like an account number.

Every time we fund a loan, we cover the cost of a child’s education through our Social Promise. Our partnership with Pencils of Promise has provided schools, teachers, and technology to thousands of students in the developing world.

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Career Coaching

The MBA Exchange

Career Consulting Services

Gaining admission to highly selective graduate schools requires a combination of strategic guidance and tactical support. The same is true when pursuing a rewarding, long-term career. Our consulting experience and expertise have made the difference for thousands of individuals since 1996. Here are descriptions of how our core services can help you achieve your professional goals:

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Career Protocol

Career Coaching and Interview Prep

World Class, Cutting Edge Interview Preparation: Stand out as the most desirable candidate even if you’re not the most qualified.

How to Be the Smartest Person in the Room: Master the 10 microskills of management consulting; rock case interviews; rock the job.

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Hourly Career Coaching

An mbaMission Career Coach can help you achieve mastery and fulfillment at work and assist you with any aspect of your career at any stage on your trajectory. On an hourly basis, your coach will offer targeted assistance with defining your values, building key relationships, enhancing your spoken and/or written communication abilities, assessing your job performance, preparing for challenging and competitive interviews, and creating strategies to grow your skills and abilities.

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GlobalMe School

International Student Recruiting

Exceptional Career Training for the Globally Ambitious

Take career courses specifically designed for globally ambitious students and professionals. Get the skills to land your next dream job and every job after.


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