Secrets Revealed: A Top Quality for MBA Candidates, The Hardest Classes Taken By B-School Deans

MBA News & Around the Web Blog – Week 29

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Here are the findings for the week prior to July 17th, 2017

  1. A dean of MBA admissions who’s read over 50,000 applications shares the quality that makes a candidate stand out
  2. “In fact, there’s an indication that candidates with “soft skills,” like adaptability and communication, may actually have an advantage over those with purely technical skills in an increasingly automated world, where computers and other machines can do technical calculations quickly.”

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  3. Average GMAT Scores For The World’s Top 20 MBA Programs
  4. “The GMAT is a dreaded obstacle on the road to business school for many an MBA applicant. When applying for an MBA program, it makes sense to aim for a GMAT score close to the class average. Bad news: class average GMAT scores are increasing across the board!”

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  5. MBA Deans Share The Hardest Classes They Ever Took
  6. “Like most, you probably picture a business school dean as confident and capable. When they were students, they probably sailed to the top of their classes, right? They were the ones who were doling out help, not asking for it. You can’t imagine them ever being intimidated by classmates or finding themselves hopelessly confused. There’s no way they would ever fail a class, let alone drop out of a class.”

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