Popular MBA Functions by Business School Rankings

An MBA degree allows an individual to pick from a variety of job roles within companies. While many seek management and leadership positions, the particular function a student is interested in is different from person to person. However, the most popular functions US MBA Employers hire for are Marketing, IT/Tech, Finance, and Strategic Thinking.

Here, at RelishCareers, we wondered which functions MBAs from different business schools are hired for, specifically if we could see a division of which functions are more common in certain business school tiers.

Utilizing the MBA tier list we organized based on aggregated rankings, as outlined by this previous blog post, we found the job functions that the largest number of MBAs from our data have by tier.

**The Other category refers to any job function that does not fall under the following: Accounting, Audit, & Tax; Administrative; Analytics & Data Science; Architecture; Business Development; Consulting; Corporate Finance; Corporate Strategy; Counseling & Therapy; Design; Doctor/Physician; Engineering – Other; Engineering – Software; General Management; Human Resources; Information Technology; Investment Banking; Investment Management; Legal; Marketing; Nursing; Operations; Private Equity; Product Management; Project Management; Public Relations; Research; Sales; Social Work; Teaching; and Venture Capital.

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