MBAs vs Specialized Master’s Degree – Which is right for you?

MBA News & Around the Web Blog – #36

Each week we rifle through the world wide web to bring you news, blog posts and any other information we find relevant. Below you will find a few useful, interesting, or otherwise relevant links from around the world of career exploration, talent acquisition, and more.

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Here are the findings for the week prior to September 4th 2017


  1. What employers want from MBA graduates – and what they don’t

“Landing a job after business school has never been straightforward. But a new survey by the Financial Times could help shed light on the process. The anonymous survey reveals what skills leading employers want — and what they don’t — from MBA graduates. You can read the full methodology below.”

Read the full story on Financial Times

  1. MBA or Specialized Master’s Degree?

“When you think business school, you probably think MBA. A Master’s of Business Administration has long been a coveted — and often essential — qualification for business professionals. In recent years, however, the tide has begun to quietly shift, with more business school students than ever pursuing master’s degrees in specialized fields such as accounting, economics and business analytics. So, which option should you choose? Let’s take a look at both.”

Read the full story on StudyUSA

  1. Why MBA after Engineering?

    “We are the result of the choices we make, the choices which are governed by our desires to fulfill specific curiosities. If we talk about Engineering, in particular, the curiosities range from computers to brick walls. Curiosity introduces us to things but then, creativity makes them interesting. Because once you learn how it’s easier to create it on your own. You can then go ahead to make your own versions of computers or bubble wrap walls – Creativity will keep it interesting.”

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