Will Getting An MBA Make You A Better Entrepreneur? Yes And No

MBA News & Around the Web Blog – #40

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Here are the findings for the week prior to October 2nd 2017photo from In The Black

  1. Will Getting An MBA Make You A Better Entrepreneur? Yes And No

“An MBA helps you boost your career and get a nice job, so doing an MBA is often required if you want your career to move forward. But not just any MBA. Overwhelmed by the number of candidates, recruiters use top business schools as a filter.”

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  1. An MBA: Will it earn you more money?

“MBA degrees enjoy great prestige in Asia, with the lure of bigger salaries and a passport to a new, high-flying career – but is a postgrad degree just the new normal?”

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  1. Tips from second years: 11 ways to take care of your health

“To the Class of 2019:
As we’re sure you’ve learned by now, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to go to every TA session, corporate briefing, Career Work Group meeting, mock interview, happy hour, club meeting, and party while also making it to the gym, eating well, and sleeping at night. How does one make it through the Core?”

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