MBA programmes are becoming more ‘experiential’

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Here are the findings for the week prior to October 30th 2017photo from Poets & Quants

  1. MBA programmes are becoming more ‘experiential’
  2. “MBA programmes have to adjust. They are adjusting, particularly the ones that have the flexibility to adjust. The way schools are trying to bridge it is by having more classes that are experiential in nature. It is not just that you are sitting in the class all the time, but you also have chances to apply that in practice. We have what we call lab classes. You take a class in venture capital or private equity. We allow you to go and work with a PE or a VC firm not during your class time but outside of that, to put into practice what you have learnt. The good schools are innovating.”


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  1. Are MBA Programs Dying? 4 Reasons To Worry

    “Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that the University of Wisconsin is in the process of reviewing its business programs. Although the school quickly reversed course, it showed that even Top 30 programs aren’t above potentially shuttering their MBA programs.”

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  1. How to Survive Your Significant Other’s MBA

“So your significant other is starting an MBA. Sure, you’re supportive … but also a little nervous about this new challenge.”

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