The Importance of Teaching Ethics at Business Schools

MBA News & Around the Web Blog – #48

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Here are the findings for the week prior to November 27th 2017photo from TopMBA

  1. The Importance of Teaching Ethics at Business Schools

“Business ethics is vital for success in the modern world, and so is a fundamental requirement for any business school program. Without ethics and trust, there is no foundation to build a successful career. Accordingly, business schools have a duty to instill such values in their students.”

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  1. Against The Advice Of Others, A Child Of Silicon Valley Goes For An MBA

“You could call Shawn Xu a child of Silicon Valley. He and his family immigrated to the United States when he was a toddler, and he grew up in the heart of the Silicon Valley suburbs. He graduated from the same high school that Apple cofounders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak attended, and often rode his bike past the garage on 2066 Crist Dr. in Los Altos where they hand made the first Apple computers.”

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  1. Omar Zenhom: Why Every Leader Needs Communications Skills

“I spoke to Omar Zenhom, host of the The $100 MBA Podcast and founder of The $100 MBA company, about how the traditional college model is being disrupted, why communication skills are the most important, the choice of being an entrepreneur or an employee, the biggest challenges of starting a company, and his best career advice.”

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