MBA News & Around the Web Blog – #17

MBA News & Around the Web Blog – #17

Each week we rifle through the world wide web to bring you news, blog posts and any other information we find relevant. Below you will find a few useful, interesting, or otherwise relevant links from around the world of career exploration, talent acquisition, and more.

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Here are the findings for the week prior to April 24th, 2017

  1. HBS Sets New Record For MBA Scholarships

Scholarship support to MBA students at the school hit an unprecedented $34 million, up from $32 million a year earlier. That increase brought the average annual fellowship per MBA student to a record $35,571, up 8% from $32,919 in 2015.

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  1. How Financial Modeling kick start your career after MBA

Pursuing Financial Modeling can give you an edge over the other MBA professionals. Financial Model plays an important role in long-term planning, business planning, expansion, development, cost planning etc. If you are an MBA graduate or a MBA student, we suggest you to go through the structured training in financial modeling which will improve your career growth instantly.

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  1. Make the Leap From College to MBA

Business school alumni who have made the jump from college to an MBA program say that this option is not for everyone. Some say that in hindsight, they wish they had waited to attend business school until after gaining more work experience, but others say they are glad they went directly from college to business school because it allowed them to fast-track their careers.

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