In the News & Around the Web – February 27, 2017

In the News & Around the Web – February 27, 2017

Each week we rifle through the world wide web to bring you news, blog posts and any other information we find relevant. Below you will find a few useful, interesting, or otherwise relevant links from around the world of career exploration, talent acquisition, and more.

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Here are the findings for the week prior to February 27th, 2017:

  1. Stuck in an American Retail Job with a Foreign MBABusiness 

“ Deepak Singh grew up in northern India. He had a bachelor’s degree in commerce, an MBA, and a job with the BBC World Service in his hometown of Lucknow. Unexpectedly, he met a young woman visiting from western Pennsylvania at a local library; the two fell in love, got married, and decided that Singh would move to Virginia, where she was attending graduate school. In his new book, How May I Help You?: An Immigrant’s Journey From M.B.A. to Minimum Wage, Singh chronicles his move to small-town Virginia, where he started working a job in retail.

Read more about Deepak’s experience as an MBA with a Retail Job Here

  1.  Millennials: Here is a simple breakdown of the investment accounts you should open

“Now here’s the other thing you want to think about — short term investing. At some point you will most likely get married, maybe have a kid, buy a house, or start a company. All of this will require access to cash. Pulling money from a retirement account is not a smart move — the IRS will charge you a 10% penalty. Here’s how you can avoid that.”

Read about the Breakdown of which investment accounts you should Open

  1. What degree’s do Private Equity firms want?

Private equity firms like to hire winners. They want the elite investment bankers and graduates who can demonstrate the sort of qualities that will set them apart from the 300 other applicants. This also means getting a top class degree from the ‘right’ – read top – university. But an undergraduate degree is one thing. How will professional qualifications and masters degrees help your chances?”

See the degree’s that Private Equity Firms Want Here

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