In the News & Around the Web – February 13, 2017

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Here are the findings for the week prior to February 13th, 2017:

1. How My MBA Did and Did Not Prepare Me for Business

“Understanding perception – A professor of mine once said; “perception is the only thing that matters”. At first I didn’t agree; I argued the accuracy of the phrase, pointed to the indisputable nature of facts. But eventually I had to acknowledge that it makes sense. Everyone has a different way of seeing the world, conducting business, solving problems. If you want to work efficiently with others or even influence them, it’s vital to understand things from their point of view first. ”

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2. 10 Ingredients of a Strong MBA Resume

“8. Highlight Soft Skills – According to experts, the best MBA resumes are focused on soft skills, which are essential to business leadership and useful in a variety of jobs. They say teamwork skills are also worth highlighting. ”

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3. Pay off Student Loans or Save for Retirement

“3. Establish A Pattern Of Saving – Putting the math aside, it’s important for individuals to establish a pattern of saving, even if it’s an incredibly small one at the beginning. Putting a little away early on can reap very large rewards in the long run.”

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