Executive Search Services

Find candidates with highly-specialized qualifications, and pay only for successful hires


Candidate Sourcing,
Interviewing & Negotiation

Relish will find best-fit candidates and perform initial screening interviews

Targeted Technical &
Specialized Roles

We've have consistent success recruiting across a range of functions and industries

Fee Structure

Payment due only for successful hires sourced by the Relish team



How It Works

  1. Talk to a Relish team member about your hiring needs and specific roles

  2. Let us find and screen a group of world-class candidates

  3. Select your favorites for additional interviews and assessments

  4. Pay only when one of our candidates accepts an offer

What Our Users Have To Say

Employers - 2

Relish has allowed Verizon to promote MBA roles in a timely and professional manner, and provided us exposure to students that we would have not had access to through their messaging and webinars, which helped make the recruiting process more personal.

Campus Recruiting Team

RelishCareers is a difference maker. It looks at the MBA landscape in a very collaborative way that students are accustomed to... It allows us to share and collaborate with students beyond the basic information-sharing other sites provide. It allows us to give them an inside view of who we are in more of a relationship-building approach.

Recruiting Manager

The quality of candidates we receive from RelishCareers has been great. We also received more applicants from Relish than we did from LinkedIn, and more candidates from Relish made it to our final round than any other source

College Recruiting Team
Employers - 2

I felt like it was a great way to explain our recruiting process, and the best steps for candidates to be considered for roles. It was a great way to answer questions to a wide audience.

Recruiting Consultant
Wells Fargo

Met a couple of candidates at Michigan event who said they heard about the events through RelishCareers.

Campus Recruiter
American Express

Relish is amazing.

Sr. University Relations Manager, MBA