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RelishCareers makes it easy to get your message in front of the world's best students, alumni, and experienced candidates from top US and international graduate schools!

What We Accomplish

RelishCareers works with world-class employers...

From the Fortune 50 to early-stage startups, the RelishCareers platform is leveraged by employers of all shape and sizes

...and features candidates from top graduate programs help fill prominent functional roles

What We Offer

80% Cost-Per-Hire

Source, engage, and convert for a fraction of on-campus spending

Customized Algorithmic

Use our RelishIQ score to easily find best-fit candidates & reduce resume review with 65%+ time savings

High-Quality & Globally Diverse Candidate Pools

Relish partners with hundreds of top international graduate programs to bring you the best and brightest candidates

Select the features that are most useful for your company!
Branded Employer Page:
Get your employer brand in front of more relevant candidates, and effectively communicate your value proposition to interested candidates
Candidate Lists:
You pick the filters, and we deliver a database of candidates curated for your hiring needs
Employer Webinar:
Share your employer brand and alumni testimonials live with an audience of hundreds of top candidates
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Executive Search & Headhunting
Relish has been able to execute on executive search services in a way that other firms cannot.
Relish leverages our own proprietary matchmaking platform, our experience with bulge bracket search firms, and our tenacious sales and customer service experience.
Hire key positions:
Analytics, Engineering, Finance, HR, M&A, Marketing, Operations, Sales, and more!
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What Our Users Have To Say

Employers - 2

Relish has allowed Verizon to promote MBA roles in a timely and professional manner, and provided us exposure to students that we would have not had access to through their messaging and webinars, which helped make the recruiting process more personal.

Campus Recruiting Team

RelishCareers is a difference maker. It looks at the MBA landscape in a very collaborative way that students are accustomed to... It allows us to share and collaborate with students beyond the basic information-sharing other sites provide. It allows us to give them an inside view of who we are in more of a relationship-building approach.

Recruiting Manager

The quality of candidates we receive from RelishCareers has been great. We also received more applicants from Relish than we did from LinkedIn, and more candidates from Relish made it to our final round than any other source

College Recruiting Team
Employers - 2

I felt like it was a great way to explain our recruiting process, and the best steps for candidates to be considered for roles. It was a great way to answer questions to a wide audience.

Recruiting Consultant
Wells Fargo

Met a couple of candidates at Michigan event who said they heard about the events through RelishCareers.

Campus Recruiter
American Express

Relish is amazing.

Sr. University Relations Manager, MBA
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COVID-19 and Virtual Recruiting: How RelishCareers Can Help You

Now that your team has transitioned out of the corporate office and into the home office, you’re settling in and preparing for what virtual recruiting actually looks like for your team. Virtual events, interviews, conferences and sign-ups are all swimming in your mind and . . .

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RelishCareers 2020 Candidate Survey Report

Each year, we survey our candidate user base to learn more about their recruiting experiences and share some of the insights we’ve learned with our audience here. The 2019-2020 recruiting season was one of the most unusual in our survey’s history, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing massive disruption . . .

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How to Prepare for a Virtual Recruiting Event

Is the new normal the same as the old normal?

For starters, it’s worth noting that effectively everyone reading this article has experience with digital interactions – just in order to access this post, you had to use an internet browser or email provider. So, if you’re thinking about participating in a virtual recruiting event and trying to figure out what you’re getting into (and how to prepare) . . .

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