COVID-19 and Virtual Recruiting: How RelishCareers Can Help You

Now that your team has transitioned out of the corporate office and into the home office, you’re settling in and preparing for what virtual recruiting actually looks like for your team. Virtual events, interviews, conferences and sign-ups are all swimming in your mind and it can be hard to think about how your team is going to tackle this. Face-to-face interactions have been an integral part of how you engage with top talent! 

Here’s where the RelishCareers team can help. We are a virtual recruiting platform that started as a marketplace for MBA hiring and has now expanded into the Master’s level hiring space, serving over 100,000 candidates and counting. Before the novel coronavirus, the industry was already moving in this direction, but now HR teams across the world are being asked to move forward with “business as usual” in the virtual world. 

Why is RelishCareers the Solution for Virtual Recruiting Challenges?

1. Quick Access to Quality & Qualified Candidates:

Your team may need immediate assistance with roles since events have suddenly been cancelled. We’re able to get your job posted on our job board to get your team quick access with a quick turnaround.

Why a COVID-19 Solution? It helps immediately with fulfilling offer rejections or late openings.

2. Concierge Candidate Sourcing AKA “no effort”:

Our high-touch account management team will consult your team to target personalized candidates with the desired qualifications

Why a COVID-19 Solution? An easy one for social distancing – account management will hand-pick candidates, no personal contact necessary.

3. Personalized Relationship Building Through Company Branding:

Through our company branding (think promotions, webinars, landing pages), you can engage easily with top candidates and customize that contact to the right person for the role.

Why a COVID-19 Solution? Using technology to educate and keep and touch.

4. Wider Reach, For Less:

Our Relish Network includes thousands of connections with career services, serving candidates with not only MBA’s but MS specialty degrees like business analytics, finance, engineering, data science, technology, information systems, etc. Our platform allows for a diversified approach to hiring and supporting D&I efforts for our partners. You’re able to reach double the amount of schools, at half the cost of your campus visits.

Why a COVID-19 Solution? Increasing touch points with a diverse, broad scope of candidates, with way fewer handshakes.

This all can be done without ever leaving your new home office. All it takes is a couple of phone calls with our account management team updating them on your jobs listings and we can get started! Contact to mitigate your team’s transition to virtual hiring!

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