The MBA Startup Reading List – Daniel McAuley (Wharton ’16)

This article was originally posted to Medium; thanks to Daniel for letting us share it here. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have spent my summer in Palo Alto, California, interning on the data science team at Wealthfront, a startup innovating in the financial services sector. I learned an incredible amount over those 12 weeks, not...Continue reading

Recruiting Testimonial – Non-Traditional Careers, Brandon Chinn (Peer Insight/Darden ’15)

Considering a non-traditional MBA recruiting path? We’ll you’re in for a roller coaster ride in your second year, but it may be worth it. I went through it, so I thought I’d share my story and the few pearls of wisdom I can offer. Darden’s CDC (Career Development Center, not Center for Disease Control) talked...Continue reading

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