Easy-to-use Recruiting Resources for Master's Degree Candidates & Career Offices

Relish helps your students and alumni with career research, facilitates relationship-building with recruiters, and provides access to more employer opportunities than ever before. Customized for graduate-level hiring markets, it's the perfect resource to give your program a competitive advantage in campus hiring.

Expanded On-Campus Support

Help students discover more info about on-campus employers

Additional Off-Campus Opportunities

A centralized platform for career discovery and exploration

Easy Implementation

Students can join the platform for free with no implementation time

RelishCareers works with top universities...

Network schools include thousands of universities with degrees ranging from business, analytics, to engineering

What We Offer


Career Office Monthly Reports

Include student usage analytics, recruiter contacts, and school-specific jobs


White Labeled User Experience

Includes rebranded platform with school branding for student experience


Career Office User Accounts

View student and alumni users, employer branding, jobs, and recruiters


Student & Alumni Salary Data

Access to student salary and culture data, or custom data reports


Customized Student Job Emails

Weekly recommended jobs personalized for your students


Virtual Career Events

Relish offers comprehensive virtual recruiting solutions for schools, candidates, and employers

Visit our Relish Connect Virtual Career Conference page for more information on our big Fall 2020 event.

RelishCareers fills the gap where on-campus recruitment falls short. Relish employers source 20% of their candidates from our platform.

Enhance the experience with analytics and school branding.

What our users have to say

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Layne Austin University Talent Acquisition and Strategy, Genentech

"Genentech is committed to hiring top MBA talent each year, and RelishMBA was invaluable this year in helping our team boost outcomes at our traditional target schools while easily and effectively expanding our recruiting footprint to additional programs. The interface is really user-friendly, and the platform made it simple to keep interested candidates in the loop with minimal time investment."

Todd Stout Manager, Corning

"RelishCareers is a difference maker. It looks at the MBA landscape in a very collaborative way that students are accustomed to... It allows us to share and collaborate with students beyond the basic information-sharing other sites provide. It allows us to give them an inside view of who we are in more of a relationship-building approach"                       


Patricia (Teesha) Hernandez Director, Emerson

"The RelishCareers product is an exciting new way for companies to brand themselves uniquely to a particular university."

Brandon Guichard SBD Supervisor, 3M

"The Relish team was incredible to work with during our recruiting cycle. They went beyond expectations to help get us up and running on the platform and communicated with us as a true partner in improving the MBA recruiting experience for both students and employers."

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