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What our users have to say

Whit Abraham (Darden '18)

"Coming into the first year of my MBA program, I relied on Relish to explore career options. The site was a great complement to on-campus recruiting and made it easy to find information that was actually relevant to the MBA recruiting process. I've now accepted a summer internship with a featured Relish employer in the financial services industry and could not be more excited. Thanks Relish!"

Nupur Banerjee (UConn '18)

"A recruiter from my #1 target employer contacted me through Relish. I was previously not finding a way to connect with this particular firm because they didn't come to my campus - but thanks to Relish, I have a interview scheduled with the company! Whatever be the outcome of the interview, I am grateful that Relish provided me a platform to connect me with the recruiting team from my target firm."

Mitch Levine (Goizueta '16)

"Relish is a great alternative to the big box career solutions. They are nimble, working with great recruiters, offer valuable and often unsaid feedback about the recruiting process (I must have shared the “nontraditional recruiting blog post 15x with my classmates all of which loved it), and are only getting stronger and more valuable. It’s been a pleasure to work with Relish and help get my classmates at Goizueta the best jobs possible."

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