Analytics Talent Connect Q&A Responses

General Questions

Question 1: What is the timeline for hearing back from employers about your applications?

Answer: Because of the volume of applications submitted and the different processes for each employer, there is not a set timeline for hearing back about applications - keep an eye on your inbox for an email from RelishCareers or Intuit about the status of your application and further next steps!


Question 2: How many roles can I apply to?

Answer: You can apply to as many roles as you feel you are a match for your profile and experience. As a best practice, you should identify one (or maybe two) roles at each firm that are the best possible fit for you and focus on those. Quality, not quantity, should be your focus when applying to jobs.



Question 1: I am interested in the Digital Media Analytics position located in Chicago, IL. I was wondering how much weight is put on knowledge of digital marketing channels?

Answer: For our junior / Associate-level Analytics positions, not much weight is put on knowledge of specific marketing channels. More important are technical and statistical skills like R, SAS, SQL and the ability to solve problems – any type of problems – using statistical methods. Positions that require more experience like Senior Associate or Manager-level roles will rely more heavily on knowledge of marketing channels since at that level you are expected to come in and know enough about the industry to lead projects and teams and be an autonomous and proactive contributor.


Question 2: I found a role of Senior Business Analyst- Manager but it requires an Immediate Hire - Would the Company wait till May as it exactly matches my Job Profile

Answer: You are welcome to apply to the Senior Business Analyst Manager role. If you are asked for an interview I would let them know that you are graduating in May and the recruiter will incorporate that into their assessment.


Question 3: What are the major challenges that Merkle is facing?

Answer: The very nature of Merkle’s industry (dealing with the unpredictable behavior of consumers, ever-changing technology, and competition among brand loyalties) presents challenges every day. Our goal in a nutshell is to make marketing personal – to “market to people not personas” – but accomplishing that means overcoming a lot of uncertainty and change in our job every day. For example, not long ago we suddenly had to figure out how to create effective marketing strategies for voice activated technologies and did so by developing a completely new technology called Voice Active Listening (VAL).



Question 1: What are the performance expectations in the Business Intelligence Analyst role and Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics role? How is performance measured?

Answer: At Verizon, you’ll work directly with your manager to determine your performance measurement metrics. You’ll typically have monthly check-ins with management, a professional mid-year review as well as an end-of-year review. Performance expectations depend on the type of role and your management team.


Question 2: What are the major challenges that Verizon is facing?

Answer: There is an ever changing landscape facing tech and the 5G network needs of the business. One of the challenges that Verizon is working on is how to best interpret data to serve business results.


Question 3: Are there any other network-specific tools to be leaned and used during the internship?

Answer: You’ll need to have knowledge of SAS/R/Python for some of the roles, and for many of the analytics positions, having experience in Hadoop Clusters/Hive/Scala/Spark are a plus.


Question 4: How deep the knowledge of AI/ML is required especially for the internship?

Answer: It is important to have a good understanding of the technology or systems that are part of the job description, for any job you may apply for! The knowledge will depend on your experience and background, and is flexible based on how well you fit for the role.


Question 5: How helpful will it be to have some technical domain knowledge of the Telecom sector to generate 5G revenue models, optimize customer experience and so on?

Answer: Again, it’s helpful to have some technical domain knowledge as you consider applying for these types of data analytics roles.



Question 1: Is it a requirement to have several years of full-time experience to apply to Intuit?

Answer: There are actually job roles that require 0-3 years of experience! Please be sure to go through each of the roles to see the years of work experience required, as Intuit and Verizon also have internship roles available.


Question 2: What opportunities are there to participate in training and development programs, on-going educational programs, and mentoring programs?

Answer: Intuit has "Unstructured Time" where they encourage employees to spend up to 10% of their working hours pursuing an idea they're passionate about - whether its solving new customer problems, improving their code/work environment or boosting their professional development. There are opportunities for on-going education and mentorship within this!


Question 3: Is it possible to apply for roles other than those listed on the career fair dashboard?

Answer: Absolutely! Intuit has all of their open positions listed on their careers page (and you can find them on RelishCareers' job search tool); feel free to apply to any positions you would like based on whether or not they are a good match for you!






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