The Story

Relish was started at the Darden School of Business at UVA in 2014, where Sarah and Zach (the cofounders) spent their first year experiencing firsthand the frustrations and inefficiencies of the MBA recruiting process: a firehose of opportunities with companies around the world, but little time to effectively explore, target, and pursue more than a fraction of the available positions. With a decade of experience in technology platforms and strong feedback from dozens of interviews with students and recruiters, they decided to launch a small pilot program to test the viability of a customized MBA recruiting platform - called RelishMBA.

That pilot program attracted the majority of the Darden student body and 30 MBA recruiters, ranging in size from Fortune 50 corporations recruiting over 100 MBAs a year to early stage start-ups looking to make their first business hires. With this proof of concept, the Relish team set to work rebuilding and expanding the platform to students, schools, and companies, launching version 1.0 of the software in June 2015.

In 2016, with two years of success facilitating recruiting for MBA and other masters business degrees, the team expanded the platform to support many masters degrees, including expansion to graduate engineering and data science degrees  – and RelishMBA was rebranded to RelishCareers.

In 2018, to continue RelishCareers’ growth and traction expanding beyond its core MBA market, Relish acquired TransparentCareer, a cloud-based recruiting platform that provides role-specific compensation and cultural data for students and alumni from top universities. With over 400,000 user submitted compensation and culture data points on over 10,000 employers, the TransparentCareer platform offers the Relish network an unprecedented level of granularity, allowing candidates to compare and contrast career paths, potential employers, and even similar functional roles to find the best fit for their specific preferences.

Today, Relish helps employers, job candidates, and universities with the career search and job process for many mid-to-senior level positions globally. Relish’s goal is to help job candidates and employers streamline their recruiting processes and make more informed hiring and career decisions. The platforms combine an exclusive professional network of top candidates and employers from around the world, with data driven tech and high-touch team support. Think of us like the perfect dating site for mid-to-senior level talent and the companies who hire them. for hiring.

Our Values

Mission: To bridge the gap between high-tech and high-touch hiring

Vision: A hiring experience that is personalized and evolves with the changing needs of individuals and society as a whole


Everyone should relish their career

We’re the sort of people who do our best work at jobs we enjoy, and we think most employees are the same way. Fit matters!

Transparency is important

Information about jobs and other career opportunities should be easily accessible to candidates and relevant to their experiences and preferences.

Relationships matter

We focus on giving candidates and employers the tools and resources they need to inform and strengthen the personal connections they make during the recruiting process.

Technology is here to help

We wanted to make sure that Relish helped students and recruiters find more and better qualified recruiting leads, so we customized our technology to make the process more effective, less time-consuming, and user-friendly.

The Leadership Team

Sarah Rumbaugh
Chief Executive Officer

Sarah began working on Relish in the first semester of her First Year at Darden after discovering the inefficiencies of the MBA recruiting process first-hand and seeing the opportunity for a technological solution. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in business and communications, Sarah was an Information Security Engineer Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton where she helped federal clients implement cybersecurity solutions (she even has top secret clearance). In her spare time, she enjoys running with Relish's Chief Fulfilment Officer Baron, shopping for the latest (and most vintage) fashion trends, and exploring rural Virginia by road.

Zach Mayo
Chief Operating Officer

Along with Sarah (and Baron), Zach was part of the Relish team during the launch of its first pilot program in the summer of 2014. He heads up product development, technology, and marketing. Zach is a Double Hoo, graduating from UVA with a BA in Philosophy before returning to attend Darden for his MBA. In between, he spent two years in Uganda with the United States Peace Corps, three years in the burgeoning tech start-up scene in his hometown of Chattanooga, TN, and he cofounded and served as CEO for a fair trade cosmetics startup called Argania1640. When he’s not working on product development or marketing for Relish, he reads way too much about sports and current events online and watches old episodes of Park & Rec on Netflix.

Brandon Bunch
Director, Marketing & Digital Engagement

Brandon leads user acquisition efforts at Relish and also servers as the resident data-wrangler. A graduate of Old Dominion University, Brandon resides in Lynchburg, VA with his loving wife and his completely insane dog. Prior to joining the Relish team, Brandon started and ran his own successful sports analytics firm, and he remains a devoted follower of the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Kathryn Santoski Thomas
Senior Associate Director, Account Management

Kathryn leads the account management department at Relish, working to maintain and strengthen current partner relationships. Prior to Relish, Kathryn worked in account management with a travel company focused on arranging international travel and business curriculum for top MBA and EMBA business schools in the US. When Katie is not at Relish, she enjoys running any type of race, cooking and exploring the world with her husband Josh.

Chief Fulfillment Officer & Security Director

Baron is perhaps the most critical member of the Relish founding team, as his dual roles in fulfillment and security mean he is responsible for keeping the rest of the team happy and safe. Before joining Relish to take on this monumental task, he spent nearly a decade in high intensity training, including extended episodes of hiking and running, lessons in sitting and staying, and prolonged periods of being a very good dog.

Director, Employee Morale and Leisure Time

Spartan joined the Relish team in 2018 after a long and successful career as a field trials and show dog. For the company, he protects the office from laser pointers and other mysterious sources of light, and he works closely with Baron on keeping spirits high among other Relish staff.

Interested in joining the Relish team?

We like being entrepreneurs and we’re looking for other people who are enthusiastic about building and expanding the Relish platform. We’re currently hiring for roles in:

  • Software Development

  • IT/Infrastructure

  • Sales/Marketing

  • Account Management

Email recruit [at] to submit your resume and cover letter.