A Look into the MBA Process, plus other MBA News

MBA News & Around the Web Blog – Week 33

Each week we rifle through the world wide web to bring you news, blog posts and any other information we find relevant. Below you will find a few useful, interesting, or otherwise relevant links from around the world of career exploration, talent acquisition, and more.

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Here are the findings for the week prior to August 14th, 2017

  1. A Record Percentage of MBAs Don’t Want to Work on Wall Street
  2. “A new survey shows that jobs outside of Wall Street are becoming increasingly enticing to recent MBA graduates. According to data from Training the Street, bulge bracket banks were a top employment choice for just 19 percent of respondents. Not only is that a drop of 7 percent from last year, it’s also the lowest level in the eight-year history of the survey.”

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  3. A look into the MBA application Process
  4. “First impressions matter…especially in an MBA application essay. They frame a picture and set a tone. And they quickly reveal whether a candidate brings a unique perspective to the class and fit with the carefully-crafted culture of the school.”

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  5. Combining Big Data and Materials Science to Revolutionize Manufacturing
  6. “As it turned out, during “Admit Weekend” for the Stanford MBA program, he found a kindred spirit in Bryce Meredig, a newly minted PhD in Materials Science. Like Greg, Bryce thought that, with materials science heating up, there were enormous opportunities to be unlocked. Today, their company, Citrine Informatics, hopes to revolutionize how we develop new products.”

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