The MBA Internship Search: A Timeline

The specific chronology of your job search will depend on your school, your target industry, and the firms you pursue within that industry. But as a general rule, the more MBA interns a company hires, the earlier its recruiting timeline. Students interested in consulting and financial services roles should be ready to start recruiting within the first week of arriving on campus, while those targeting other corporate roles in general management, marketing, corporate finance, and technology have only a few additional weeks to prepare. A large number of smaller and just-in-time recruiters wait to post their positions until middle or late spring, but candidates interested in those roles can still do a lot during the fall to ensure a positive outcome later.

The below timeline is intended to provide a rough outline of typical recruiting activities and best practices during the first year at a nationally ranked full-time MBA program. During the course of your company research and the building of your target list, make sure to confirm all relevant dates and deadlines for each of your target firms. But be sure to start your prep early – it’s not a great idea to show up on campus without knowing if you want to be a consultant.

Here’s the timeline:

May-July (Pre-MBA Summer)







After all that work to get an internship, it’s prudent to focus all of your time and energy on doing your job over the summer. But it’s also wise to maintain connections with a wide range of recruiters, even those who don’t offer you a position, throughout your first year and into the summer. Your second year will arrive even more quickly than you expect, and even those who receive full-time offers at the end of the summer would be wise to keep their options open. Relationships that you built with recruiters during the first year can pay dividends in the form of a job offer early in your second year. We’ll post in the future about the process of so-called “re-recruiting” as a second year MBA.

The MBA Internship Search: A Timeline by Zach Mayo on June 9, 2016