What You Need to Know About The H-1B Visa and Employee Sponsorship

Nearly 120,000 international students enrolled in American universities for graduate studies in 2018-19, according to the Institute of International Education, joining another 250,000 international students already engaged in studies. For many, if not most, this experience can be filled with both excitement at the prospect of earning their degree at a highly regarded international institution, and...Continue reading

Here’s What Job Titles Will Look Like In The Future

In analyzing how demand for technological know-how is changing across a variety of functional roles, we found a new language of recruiting. Read this report to find out how employers have higher technical requirements in nearly all functions – and how job titles are changing to reflect this new reality. For this report, we wanted...Continue reading

Maximize Your Chances for a Management Consulting Career

By Stephanie Horn (Managing Consultant) and Matt Strickler (Senior Advisor), Consulting Career Academy at The MBA Exchange This fall, thousands of new MBA students will arrive on campus, excited to begin the next phase of their lives. Many individuals attend business school primarily to switch to a new career path. Furthermore, over 30% of incoming...Continue reading

Read More About: Dartmouth Looks for ‘Niceness’ in Applications, Questions for Nontraditional B-School Applicants, How to Highlight Your Diversity

MBA News & Around the Web Blog – #72 This week’s stories: Dartmouth’s MBA Program Is Looking for “Niceness”,  Applying For An MBA With No Business Experience? Here’s 4 Questions To Ask Yourself and How to Highlight Diversity as an MBA Applicant MBA News & Around the Web Blog is a weekly collection of news, blog posts,...Continue reading

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